Portfolio Reviews and Manuscript Critiques

Maybe all you need is 50 minutes? (or 15)

50 min one-on-one critique ($185 USD)

Portfolio Reviews

Submit your portfolio website link for review or a 10-page pdf with your portfolio images. We’ll deep dive into your portfolio and flesh out how you can make it more attractive to your dream client. Then we’ll discuss possible next steps. (Sign up for a portfolio review by clicking here.)

Manuscript Critiques

Submit a full picture book manuscript or book dummy, or the first 10 pages of a middle-grade or YA novel and we’ll deep dive into the manuscript, flesh out the problems, and figure out how to improve it. We’ll look at your story structure and character development and then discuss what you can do next. (Sign up for a manuscript critique by clicking here.)

Critique/Review Add-On

If you would like notes from our discussion, including a next-steps checklist, you can choose to add that option for $65 during checkout. I’ll email the notes to you within a week after our appointment.

Blitz Critique or Review ($65 USD)

Maybe you don’t feel ready for a full 50-minute discussion or you just have a few questions to help you get headed in the right direction. Then the 15-minute blitz review might be the right option for you. We’ll cover similar topics as listed above but not as in-depth. (Sign up for a blitz review/critique by clicking here.)

How it works

After check-out, you’ll receive a confirmation email and another email with a form for you to fill out and attach your manuscript, website link, or pdf portfolio. Then the day before your appointment I’ll email you a google meeting link.

Manelle is very open with her tips about starting your own business in art. They’re down-to-earth and doable. No nonsense and very helpful.

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