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Newest Spellbinding Stories

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This story is about taking action rather than just dreaming all day about what you wish would happen. If you’d like to download it as a free ebook from smashwords click here. Dreamers A Short Story by Manelle Oliphant Cecily’s mother … Read More

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In this story a preacher feels he should help an old woman, but he’ll have to walk in the cold to get to her house. He goes anyway and meets a fairy on the road who is bent on stopping him. … Read More

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I’m excited about this new story because although it stands well on it’s own I intend it to be part of a series of stories where various characters share fairy encounters. I think in a year’s time when all the … Read More

Day of Recognition
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  In this story a giant steam powered monster is wreaking havoc in the port town of Dargee and Sarah Parrish is determined to find out how the machine works. She spends a lot of time in the library reading … Read More