I’m Manelle, an illustrator and author. I created Tales Fantastic to help bring your dreams to life.

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I believe in dreams coming true. If you want to grow your freelance illustration business or travel to a magical place through a story, You’ve come to the right place.

Tales Fantastic was created for dreamers.

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Hello, I’m Manelle,

An illustrator, author, and creator of Tales Fantastic. 

I believe stories are essential to living a happy life, not only because they entertain us, but because they teach amazing things and connect us to other humans. 

I love creating illustrated books, and I want to share everything I know about illustration and the publishing world with you. I’m here to help you as an illustrator and storyteller to reach your dream of becoming a professional artist. 

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Go on a Journey with These Enchanting Stories

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I’m excited about this new story because although it stands well on it’s own I intend it to be part of a series of stories where various characters share fairy…

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