The Magpie Magician

An illustrated novel about a nameless girl and a blackmailing street magician.

About the Story

Deep in a city where your family’s name and reputation is the most important part of your identity, lives a girl with no name, or family.

She was raised by a demanding street magician named Mr. Marlowe. While he performs magic shows she steals people’s secrets for his “side” business, blackmail.

She wishes more than anything to know who she is, and know where she came from. So when she meets a mysterious woman who says she knows her name, and who her mother is, she’ll do whatever this woman asks so she can learn who she is, even betray Mr. Marlowe.

Story Origins

In 2018 I created a short story for this website called The Magpie Magician. (You can download it here.) This story, unlike most of the other short stories I’ve written, it wanted so much to become a longer novel-length story. After a lot of work and planning, I finished the first draft in 2019. Now I’m working to make it the amazing story it deserves to be. 

I hope you’ll enjoy watching this book come to life. 

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Story Goals

Writing Goals

Although I’ve written many stories over the last few years, and even gotten some published, this is my first attempt at writing a novel. I’m excited to try to make this the best story I possibly can. I’ll be sharing parts of the story with you as I go and you’ll be able to see the story evolve and come to life.

Illustrating Goals

Drawing is my first love, and want this book to be crammed with illustrations. Like the writing process there will be a a lot of trial and error and it’s going to be fun to see what happens. I hope, in the end, the pictures will enhance and breath an extra layer of life into the story.  If you’d like to learn more about the supplies I’ll be using for this project click here.

Publishing Goals

I’m creating this novel with the goal of having it traditionally published. I’ve published multiple books as an illustrator and have an idea how the industry works. Amazing books are published every year but many more great books get passed up for all kinds of different reasons.

When the book is ready for submission I’ll share as much of the process with you as I can, and we’ll see what happens.

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