Ghosts of the American West

31 More Days of Gloom and Malaise

by Manelle Oliphant

Ghosts of the American West, 31 more days of Gloom and Malaise is an illustrated book with 31 more ghosts and the stories of their untimely demise. Run from the ghost of Violet Blackburn, or sigh at the romance between Mrs. Green and her dead husband. Enjoy 31 unique ghost stories, some sad, some funny, all created during #inktober 2017, and compiled into a book afterward.


Inktober challenge at its best
If you enjoy the Inktober event that happens every year on YouTube, I strongly suggest you check out Manelle’s videos on the subject. This book is a compilation of all 31 ink drawings that she completed for Inktober. You get the added bonus of little stories that she tells about each image. A delightful addition to the images them selves. I purchased the Kindle version of the book and very much appreciate the quality of the images.
Katie S
December 14, 2017

See Inside:

Day 3

Dr. Michael Reed

Dr. Michael Reed traveled the West selling his famous snake oil restorative. He met with trouble in southern Colorado. Three townspeople were accidentally poisoned by the concoction, and one of them died. He was tried and hanged. His caravan was looted and left on the outskirts of town to rot. Now, children often dare each other to visit the site where they can see Dr. Mike and his dog selling his so-called medicine.

Day 4

Anne Gunther

Anne Gunther escaped with her family to St. Louis, Missouri where her father sued for their freedom. Before it was granted, she drowned in the Mississippi River. Now her anger keeps her a slave. She spends eternity trying to drown others who get in her path.