by Manelle Oliphant

On April 30, 2018, I had a blank sketchbook and a desire to create an original story for #mermay. Mermay is an Instagram sketch prompt created by Tom Bancroft. Artists participate by drawing and painting mermaids throughout May and posting the artwork on Instagram with the hashtag.

This story is told in fiction journal entries and beautiful sketches. It tells the story of a girl (Manelle Oliphant- That’s me) as she travels the world with her husband Jeremy to look at mermaids. Various cultures are represented, all told through her experiences and sketches. The journey continues throughout the month until disaster strikes, and their trip is cut short.

Because people enjoyed the journey on Instagram, I self-published the sketchbook here so anyone who wanted to could join me on the journey. Reading this story is like a magical vacation where mermaids and other mythical creatures are real. 


Beautiful illustrations. It is such a fun book! My daughter and I read it together and she got out a map so we could track along with her journey. My only complaint was it was too short.
Apothecary Mary
September 10, 2018
I follow Manelle’s Instagram account and I’m so glad she made this into a book. The cover is velvety, the colors are rich and the story telling is so wonderful! I can’t wait for her to make another like this. I enjoy it very much as well as my 5 YO. The story makes you feel like you’re reading her own personal journal of her travels around the world to see different mermaids. Her creativity is so whimsical.
July 14, 2018

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