The Ghost and the Mermaid

A Mermendium Story

by Manelle Oliphant

What is a battle without hope?

Knight’s job is to hold the battle standard while the army fights but he wants to fight. Fate has other ideas. He falls into the ocean, taking the flag with him. Armor weighs him down and no matter how hard he fights, he can’t get free. Then he meets a mermaid, who helps him learn the value of hope.

This is my fifth mermaid sketchbook. The idea came from the desire to draw and paint illuminated manuscripts, but fancy images on their own aren’t a story. I believe that good things happen in our lives when we have hope. This story came from that idea.

This is the perfect story to read when you’re feeling a little down. Follow Knight’s adventure as he learns that finding success doesn’t always require a fight, sometimes hope is enough. 


I really enjoyed The Ghost and the Mermaid. I loved the beautiful themes of hope and of individuals making important differences. And I got lost in the magic of the lovely details in the page borders–the petite, detailed roughness of seahorses, the rich abundance of color refracting through jewels scattered everywhere.
Lyn and Kids
July 12, 2022
I love Manelle Oliphant’s work! It’s always such a treat to read her illustrated stories and this one sets me dreaming. I can only wish I had her imagination.
Annika deGroot
August 8, 2022
This whole book is clearly a labor of love by a phenomenal, multi-passionate artist (follow her here, but also seek out her social media, because she’s consistently generous and inspiring). The paintings are exquisite and the hand lettering adds so much to immersion in the world of the story. I’m glad to have this treasure on my shelf.
August 8, 2022

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