Cyborg Beast Part 2
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Part 2 of this Cyborg Beast tale is told from Beauty’s Point of View. I had a lot of fun creating this story. I hope you enjoy the ending. If you haven’t read part 1, you can read it by … Read More

Cyborg Beast Part 1
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This story is a Beauty and the Beast Retelling. Rather than going back to the original sources to write this retelling, I chose to let the Disney animated feature influence me. You can see a lot of allusions to the … Read More

Day of Recognition
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  In this story a giant steam powered monster is wreaking havoc in the port town of Dargee and Sarah Parrish is determined to find out how the machine works. She spends a lot of time in the library reading … Read More

Tea and an Art Thief
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 Download this story free by clicking here. Tea and an Art Thief A Short Story By Manelle Oliphant Tiffanie ran into her father’s office and slammed the door. “Father,” she gulped for breath, “quite by chance I’ve found out the information we … Read More