Meeting Death
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Support Tales Fantastic on Patreon to download this story as an eBook Or Buy It Here   When you’re dead, memories work much the same as they do when you’re alive, except they don’t get churned around in the river … Read More

The Mean Dowager
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I’ve had the idea to create a Regency world where dragons exist for a while now. I had a great time writing the story. I also had fun experimenting with the illustration. The style is meant to match the style of … Read More

Cherry Blossom Girl
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I call this story Japanese inspired rather than Japanese. Despite my research, I still did a lot of guesswork, and I’m sure I’ve missed the mark more than once. But this is a folk-tale-like story, and my goal was to … Read More

Cyborg Beast Part 2
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Part 2 of this Cyborg Beast tale is told from Beauty’s Point of View. I had a lot of fun creating this story. I hope you enjoy the ending. If you haven’t read part 1, you can read it by … Read More

Cyborg Beast Part 1
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This story is a Beauty and the Beast Retelling. Rather than going back to the original sources to write this retelling, I chose to let the Disney animated feature influence me. You can see a lot of allusions to the … Read More

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