What did you love to draw when you were little?

What influenced you then can still influence you now.

What did you love to draw when you were little? I’m assuming you loved to draw. Not because all kids love to draw, but because if you are here, on this blog, reading this post chances are pretty good you loved to draw.

One thing I loved to draw was girls in pretty dresses. These characters often had large eyes, and long eyelashes, and their dresses had tons of decoration. In fact, I believe I spent most of my time drawing the dress designs.

I remember showing one of these drawings to my grandma. I was really proud of the work I’d done. She looked at it and praised my amazing skill (After all she is my grandma, that’s what they are supposed to do.) Then she pointed at one of the loops I’d drawn on the dress and said, “And what’s that? Is it her feet?”

My childhood mind was flabbergasted. The two little loops she pointed out were in the middle of the skirt. Of course, they weren’t feet. That didn’t even make sense. 

“No, that’s lace!” I replied with all the annoyance felt. Grown-ups are so dumb sometimes. (Ok I don’t know if I actually thought that. Probably not… maybe.) 

The point of this is not that we should be nice to our grandmothers. (But still do that.) The point is that grown-ups are dumb sometimes. When I was little I loved drawing pretty girls in pretty dresses. It inspired me and made me feel happy. And do you know what, I still like drawing pretty girls in pretty dresses. 

But the thing is, sometimes I tell myself that I don’t, or that I shouldn’t, or that there are more important things to draw. (See, isn’t that silly?)

But are there? Are there more important things to draw than those things that make you feel joyful? 

If you feel joyful when you work, others will feel joy when they look at your work? 

What did you love to draw when you were little? Maybe you should go draw that today?

What inspires your art? Should you stop drawing that? Tales Fantastic Blog
What did you love to draw when you were little? Tales Fantastic blog

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